24V 36V 48V 60V 400W 450W Brushless Dual-mode 9 Tube Motor Controller Intelligent Cruise EBS

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24V 36V 48V 60V 400W 450W Brushless Dual-mode 9 Tube Motor Controller Intelligent Cruise EBS

Rated working voltage: 24v 36v 48v 60v
Rated power optional: 350w-500w
Max current range : 17A-26A ( default setting 22A)
Battery undervoltage protection point: 20v/31v/42v/52v/63V(adjust according to customer need)
Motor phase angle: 60 /120

Dimensions: 110 * 84 * 44mm
Installation size: 126 * 38mm

Range of Application:
1. Fit for lead acid batery, lithium ion battery, Iron phosphate-lithium power battery,
different materials corresponding to different voltage protection
2. Match brushless motor with teeth bellow 500w, can be high speed motor, differential motor, hub motor, bruthless motor

Features For Controller:
1. Automatically identify power voltage
2. Automatically identify motor phase and angle
The way to identify motor phase : (please read with details since you will use this way offenly)
connect power wire, electric switch wire, motor wire, throttle wire, self learning wire, and open battery power and bike lock,
the motor will turn automatically, if now the direction is right then you can unconnected the self learning wire. the identify work is finished
if motor running direction is opposite, then please unconnected self learning wire then connect it soon
the motor will can switch direction automatically. or you can twist throttle, the motor will also can switch turning direction automatically
after motor runs 2-3seconds, please unconnected self learning wire. now u finished motor phase identifying work
3. DUAL mode, no noise
4. Can control and work with other electric parts

Controller Common Function:
1. rolling handlebar/throttle
The common throttle, potentiometer, Pedal accelerator will all can work with it. stepless speed regulating, speed will be stable. (take multimeter 20 gear to judge throttle, 5v-red watch hand, black hand connect with ground wire. now indicate about 1.94k. if red with ground wire and black with 5v, then indicating is about 1.89k. the other connecting way will indicate 1 means infinite
2. brake and cut off power
It has high potential and low potential level brake at same time to match with different vehicle type. For common factory which has <500w vehicle, they will adopt low level brake, and will take high level brake if their vehicle power is> 500w. the brake lever usually has two wires, if there is one has 12v output when braking, then you should take high level brake wire. If all two wires both has no voltage output or is commutable with negative pole, then you should connect with low level brake
3. speedometer
Speed signal has battery voltage type and hall type. Default setting is voltage type
4. cruise
This function is to keep bike running at a fixed speed and user will no need to take the throttle at this time which will free your hand for a while
You will can exit cruise mode by taking braking lever, reuse the throttle and push the cruise button, keep bike rung at a speed for 6 seconds , it will start automatic cruise . if u need manual button to control, can be connected directly, if you donot need cruise, just disconnect the connector
5. burglar alarming
6. self learning
7. EBS electronic brake
It is a braking assisting function, when the ebs braking connector is connected, the low and high level braking function will all has ebs effect—braking action will be more faster. if not connected, braking will not have this effect. it will slide due to inertance.

Other Funciton Optional:
1. Speed 3 gears high/middle /low gears
Button to control 3 gears
Gears indicator
2. 1:1 PAS
4. Low power continue running
5. Speed limit adjustable
6. One button restore
7. Voice burglar alarm and lcd display

Package Included:
1 X Brushless Dual-mode 9 Tube Motor Controller

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